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Indianapolis Fertility Clinic

Our New Procedure

Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Fertility Journey

Conventional IVF takes place completely in the laboratory. At our Indianapolis Fertility Clinic, our INVOcell procedure lets the patient incubate the early embryos in the vagina. Patients feel more connected to the process and embryo growth and development is similar to the lab.

Our Devotion to Your Success

Our team of Indianapolis Fertility Clinic professionals work with your through the entire process, from initial, consult, pre-cycle, testing, Invocell and early pregnancy and monitoring.

Inspiring, Innovative, Inexpensive

Invocell is half the price of conventional IVF with similar pregnancy rates. Our Indianapolis Fertility Clinic hopes to serve more patients with the innovative technology.

Your Experience

We realize how stressful your fertility journey can be. We want to support you the whole way. We are there for you.


On your 1st visit, you will meet our nursing staff and your Doctor. The Doctor will review your medical history and previous records. You will have lots of time to ask questions and get information. If prior testing was done, we may not have to repeat it. You will be able to determine in INVOcell is right for you.


Only a few tests are really needed to determine your basic fertility status. We want to know if your are ovulating regularly with a simple blood test (i.e. progesterone level), if your tubes and uterus are normal (HSG or FemVue sonohysterogram), ovarian reserve (AMH) and semen analysis. We may check your thyroid, as thyroid conditions are common.

Cycle Planning

Cycles generally begin the month before the anticipated egg retrieval. We usually begin birth control pills by day 7 of the menstrual cycle. At some time that month, you will have an appointment with the doctor to review the protocol, medications, and trial embryo transfer/uterine scraping.

Simulation & Monitoring

INVOcell often uses less medications and monitoring (ultrasounds and blood work) to produce eggs the conventional IVF. You may have only 1 or 2 ultrasounds and no blood work. When the ovarian follicles are the appropriate size, you will take a shot of HCG 36 hours prior to the egg retrieval.

The Procedure

You will generally arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled egg retrieval at our north office. The Anesthesiologist will start your IV fluids. Your doctor will see if you have additional questions. Once in the procedure room, you will be given sedation with medication. Your partner will collect his semen sample during this time.   In general, we complete the egg retrieval within 15-20 minutes. Recovery is quite easy. We will either inseminate the oocytes or perform ICSI. Either way, we will have your back in an hour or two to place the device in the vagina for culture from three to five days.

When you return, we remove the device, take out the embryos, score them, take photos for your records and perform the embryo transfer into the uterus. We can freeze the embryos that we do not put

The Results

This is the stressful part of the procedure. We will get a blood pregnancy test in a couple of weeks. If positive, we will continue the progesterone support and repeat the blood pregnancy test to be sure it is going up appropriately. We will do an ultrasound in a couple of weeks and the refer you to your OB GYN for continued prenatal care.

Building a Healthy Family One Pregnancy at a Time

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